I’m indecisive because I see eight sides to everything.
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Three children in Kano dressed in uniforms bought by their father during his last pilgrimage to Mecca. Kano. 1982.
Vintage Nigeria

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Martin has always had his sights set on the Abbey’s highest office.

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A letter from Picasso to his dear friend, Gertrude Stein. 

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Holy Land USA
Waterbury, Connecticut 

Holy Land USA was once an 18 acre Bible-themed park located in Waterbury, Connecticut. The park had about 40,000 visitors a year until it closed in 1984 for renovations. Holy Land USA never opened back up again due to the death of owner John Greco in 1986. It has been abandoned ever since. The abandoned acres of the theme park have been watched over by groups of nuns for decades, but the place keeps getting more and more creepy as the park continues to deteriorate. 

On top of the vandalism and eeriness the park gives off, a teenager was murdered on these abandoned grounds in 2010. Since then police records have shown that the amount of trespassers have been decreasing which just means abandoned Holy Land USA is as creepy and deserted as ever.

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also wow before cursing capitalism and telling yourself communism is better please ask yourself if your capitalist country made you wait hours in line just to get food or if you know what food rations mean because i do and my parents do or if you know how it’s like to do your homework having nothing but a candle as light because the electricity was rationed or if you know how it’s like to freeze in winter because the gas was cut… or if you know how it’s like to look at your neighbour or your friend or even your own relative and wonder if he or she works for Securitate and whether or not you can tell him a joke without being thrown in prison

also if you were very sad about bucky barnes’ fate in captain america 2 pls know that ‘reeducation’ and brainwashing actually happened and what you’ve seen in captain america is a trip to the park compared to what some people had to suffer

and before you tell me ‘but that’s not communism’ please tell me a country where communism actually worked and people didn’t die in prisons for speaking against it, weren’t forced to give up their fucking houses ( normal houses. the house where they were born and their parents were born) and intellectuals weren’t exiled or killed. please tell me a country where communism didn’t destroy people’s lives for speaking against it. oh you can’t, but in the meantime you can talk shit about capitalism all you like and no one’s throwing your ass in prison.

or people being afraid to speak in their own houses because they were afraid they might be listened through the telephone (which was compulsory to have), or  going to jail for life because the neighbour had a grudge on you and told the Securitate that you spoke against the system, or not being able to practice any religion, or not being allowed an abortion without having 4 births before, or living in horror orphanages if you were physically/mentally disabled or your parents didn’t want you, or being sent to jail/psychiatry hospital if you were gay ( because being gay was illegal) in order to be “re-educated”, or having to introduce something praising the communist party in any form of art you created, or not having acces to books, movies, TV, music, products  information from the West whatsoever, I mean the only place people could drink Pepsi in the country was Constanta, because there were foreign tourists there, and speaking of foreigners/minorities, the Securitate would ask ( ask haha) you to spy on your friends/colleagues/neighbours if they were Jewish,  Arabian or any other ethnicity/nationality.

And when we asked our history teacher why the people rioted against the system in 1989, do you know what he said?  He didn’t say “because they wanted freedom”, he said ” because they were starving”. 

Thinking about it,  simply being on Tumblr and talking to someone from the US and reblogging about female reproductive rights  and shipping Johnlock would have broken a shitload of communist laws, but go ahead, romanticize communism. 

  #this isn’t an opinion on communism ffs    #this is actual communist history    #this is our parents’ and our grandparents’ history  

#THIS is exactly what communists on this site fail to understand #you’re there from the top of your american views fighting capitalism and its evils #and capitalism has evils #and do not understand that when people talk about the horrors of communism they’re not talking like you are #they’re not talk about something that is abstract #they’re not talking about ideas #when people insist on the practical aspect of communism how it was enforced they’re talking about people who died who were tortured they’re talking about their families because it happened only 30 years ago #and if you dismiss that by saying that ‘that’s not real communism’ #you’re being not just ignorant but also a huge ass to those people you’re spitting in their face and in their suffering #Stop talking about idealism and abstractions when in the name of this ideology thousands were tortured and killed #stop speaking about ideals when people are trying to speak about what really happened

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